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As you walk down the street, you might spot a lost object on the ground.

It’s so easy to just keep walking. How will you even find the owner?

But somewhere, there’s a woman who lost a family heirloom from Europe, the ring her dear grandmother gave her. Somewhere, a man lost the tefillin he’d been laying since his bar mitzvah 20 years ago ,and a young mother lost her camera with all the pictures of her baby’s first steps and his first few months.

And by taking 2 minutes to pick it up and post it on YidFind - it’s easier than ever for your friends and members of our community to find their treasured possessions.

And easier than ever for you to find eternal reward for one simple action in the World to Come.

Our Mission

We’re here to unite finders and owners. YidFind is a nonprofit labor of love, a gift for Klal Yisroel - to make the mitzva of Hashavas Avaida possible again. Mi k’amcha yisroel - Klal Yisroel is a nation of chessed, a nation which holds the mitzvah of Hashavas Avaida close to their hearts.

YidFind is the go-to platform to publicize a lost or found item. We reach all Jewish communities internationally, and collaborate with local magazines to make the maximum effort to reunite lost items with their owners.

When you see a lost item, pick it up and post on YidFind. In less than 2 minutes, you can make a difference in a fellow Yid’s life and score eternal reward.

YidFind - where lost items and big hearts are found.